Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hello happy people!Now I’m so sorry it took me a long while to update my blog which I would have last week but I was as busy as the way that leads to hell plus I badly bruised my leg over the weekend and its just healing.I initially wanted to blog about my business ideas and my fraustration about the nigerian enviroment(I’m an entrepreneur,remember?) but I just finished reading a biography on Frederick Douglas(FD) and I’m moved by a wave of compassion to blog about the sorrow,tears and blood of the black slaves under their white masters.FD,born in 1818,was a slave who taught himself to read and write afterwhich he cames across many books(including the bible,works of cato,ceasar,Washington e.t.c) that made him understand that:-

1) all men are equal and God loves everyone(the whites made them believe they were a superior race)

2) slavery is not good(though there were laws in some states in the US especially in the south that legalised slavery)

3) there are some free states especially in the north e.g New York(slavery was illegal there,FD was even shocked some whites did not like slavery there and they conducted enough anti-slavery campaigns)

With this little piece of insightful information he ran away from his master(after another failed attempt which he was miraculously speared) to NY where he joined anti-slavery campaigners and from there there was no stopping him.He made friends all over America and Europe(though he was still legally a slave!)campaigned for Abraham Lincoln(cos he was also against slavery) After abe got elected,he pressured him to pass a bill into law that would legally free all slaves I America—which abe did!

Are you in the UK and you think you are suffering because you keep 3jobs?(aba!y now,u won kill urself?) you need to see what our fathers went thorugh!The book was really illuminating on the subject of slavery.According to their laws(constitutional law ooo!can u imagine!)blacks were not seen as humans but as properties.Hence,if a slve master possessed a “property” he could do ANYTHING he liked to “it”—including rape,murder e.t.c

Do you know many bastards(which were rejected) were born to this slavemasters thorugh rape but the black female could not find justice anywhere just because the law said she belonged to him

Do you know if any slave ever got rebellious or he is feeling like one superman he wants to fight for freedom he would be sent to a “slave breaker” that specialises in torture--their own kind of mosaic(Israeli SSS)

Do you know the masters allowed their slave to do enough “xtra-curricular” activities like singing,fishing,drinking to stupor e.t.c but if any dared learn to read let alone write he was flogged 39horsewhips and sold to the south where he would surely die due to HARDLABOUR in the cotton and sugar plantation!This was recurrent throughout the book,they didn’t want blacks to read,they believed if the blacks could read they would know the truth and eventually rebel.So I’m thinking to myself “Is education really that important?”

Our fathers were subjected to a lot of inhumane degradation and labour but I really cant say all that’s why yahoo boys and 419ers would tell you they are collecting back the wages for their fathers labour!Anywais 2wrongs don’t make a right sha!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


April fools day started in 16th century in france and began to spread like wildfire because of the joblessness of people like you(LOL).I'd like you to fill me in on the craziest april fool you ever experienced but in the meantime listen to mine.The place was panes house dormitory,King's college around 3am.Everyone was asleep except some 6 lousy boys who had april "foolish" intentions.4boys positioned themselves at the 4corners of the dormitory whiile one stood in the middle of the dorm and the last stood at the door.They all had cigarette lighters and insecticides then they switched off all the lights.They "put their lighters up",aligned it infront of the insecticides and pressed the insecticides.The product of the "chemical reaction" was a flame!Simultaenously and continously they shouted at the top of their voices "fire!fire!"
Omo,who won die,see stampeding.All I could remember was waking up,hearing everyone shouting and running,I couldn't even see anything except the flames cos my eyes were not yet cleared.We even ran into the flame cos the dude at the door of the dorm directed the flame at us as we try to run out of the dorm!It was crazy.Kai!Next thing we just heard some lousy dudes laughing out loud and saying "april fool!april fool!"
Anywais,april fool day could also have bad consequences cos attimes you deliver a message to someone and maybe the person finds it shocking or hard to believes,the dude just takes it as april fool.Lemme give ya an example,I know this yahoo boi that had perfected his scam--advance fee fraud.He promised $12,000(salary) to chess teachers who were willing to pay him $1,100 for work permit in nigeria but the bad thing is that he sent the emails to his potential maga's unknowingly on april 1.We the maga's saw the mail,they ALL did not take the mail seriously(they didn't even know it was a scam) and replied him "APRIL FOOL" and this yahoo boi had spent almost $1000 setting up the scam(you know it costs money to setup some of the scams) Another one was a snake that escaped from it boxs in a google office in NY.An alert was sent out but they all thought it was april fool!ThankGod no one got hurt!