Sunday, January 13, 2008


Do we remember the controversy that surrounded the signing of Nigeria’s soccer prodigy John Mikel Obi?Mikel was initially signed to Man.utd before Chelsea finally bought him for a whopping 16million pounds.There was a dispute to who actually owned him,he had 2 different jerseys for 2 different clubs,for a couple of months Mikel was missing-he was not in the country neither was he at his norwegian club,there was an unsettled dust in the minds of nigerians!The same way I feel right now has I hold in my hands 2 different recently released albums of Asa,with literarily the same songs on both but released under 2 different record labels-kevin lucciano’s questionmark records and Iyke da don entertainment.
Asa’s former record label is questionmark but word on the street is Streetmonks,D’accord,Asa e.t.c have a feud with Kevin because his management did not fulfill some parts of their contract so they all left questionmark and created their own management to promote their works.When Asa was asked on hiptv what ensured between her and questionmark,“Asa the pacifist” said her contract with questionmark has lapsed(I knew she was lying…lol)Anyways I believe the album themed Asa released under Iyke da don entertainment is her authorized album while questionmark’s was illegally released by Kevin to sabotage the sales of Asa and probably to make money out of it(that’s my opinion ooo or what do you think?)
I know D’banj is original,creative,high on adrelalin,stylish,sexy and probably your favorite Nigerian artiste but I must say Asa is my favorite.Finally we have a contemporary Nigerian artiste who is leaving the cocoon of hip hop and RnB into a foray of another genre of music!Finally we have someone so natural,whose lyrics are edifying and thought provoking(most artiste want to look gangster and are making tracks about parties,shaking booties and money,aren’t they tired?) Asa whose real name is Bukola Elemide and producer is Cobhams Asuquo(my roommate in King’s College) is deep,spiritual and richly talented….gushh I love her guitar!She plays what I call local rock and her 11 tracker album is the next best thing after Craig David’s born to do it(I’m yet to skip a track while listening to her album)Word on the street is her album is making impressive sales,at the store where I bought her album they had just 2 copies left whereas Psquare’s gameover was still about 16 in number left on the shelf.I just hope the profits reflects in her account somehow!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen,welcome to my first of a seasonal series of blogs which will mirror my adolescence and the rest of my youth(maybe by the time I’m 60 I would have lost all tangible trace of youth and vigour,so till then….enjoy my blog).Allow me to introduce me.I’m all that you read about in that lil description box you see on the left with the picture of Denzel Washington on top!(you wish) But before I became “the prince” I was a “frog a damsel had to kiss”,so let me introduce you to the na├»ve,gawky,wobble,inferiority complexed Mr nobody I was!
Inherently I possess a deep and emotional soul,liberal and versatile views and interest ranging from arts and culture to science and technology,ice man age to the age of the 5th generation computers,an inspiring ambitious(emphasis on the ambitious) innovative introvert(emphasis also on the introvert) yet I crave self expression,a fabulous social status(what a paradox!) and I love adventures.I once trekked for a tiring 3HOURS 30MINUTES from my school King’s College Annex on the Island through Carter and Eko bridge to my crib in Surulere not because I didn’t have a driver to come pick me up in school but because I hungered to do something “different” and crazily sick.Talking about adventures,I robbed a top Nigerian bank(name withheld) without a gun,as a matter of fact without any weapon or accomplice whatsoever!I know it sounds too good to be true,mo de mope e kola-I know u don’t have tribal marks(a Yoruba slang for not being gullible)but I did do it twice!TWICE!(you need to know all the evil ingenuity,caution and perfection it entailed but its a story for another day)I’m not proud of the “feat” but that was a moment in my life when I had lost all sense of dignity and pride,”lived on the fast lane” and I just wanted to display my creativity and feed my “Christopher Columbus” spirit on conquests albeit the conduit was erroneous and perilous and I deeply regret ever doing that(I have resolved in my heart to return the same amount of money I stole from the bank one way or the other when I have that kind of money-I know you think I’m nuts!)
Despite all my inherent capabilities and adrelanin rushing through me I had difficulty expressing myself –With all my ambition to hold the 1st position in my class I never was amongst the first 40students(out of 100) throughout secondary school,with all the vivacious spirit in me seeking an outlet through adventure I never had the guts to ask a girl out!I was a KC boy who never had a QC chic.GUshhh!can u imagine!(my head needs to be washed by a prophet) I was dead shy,lacked social and human relation skills,suffered grossly from low self esteem,KAI!My psyche was battered by inferiority complex,I walked with my head down and followed the crowd.Don’t let me bore you with my pathetic past,its just I believed so much in me yet “me” was not anything to be proud of.I reflect on my adolescence and there’s nothing to brag of except I never ever engaged in examination malpractice and I was a member of one of the socialite cliques in my set who always stood up for me(Nnamdi,Abebe,Bogus,Tobi,Obeef,Madam peggy you guys rock!)asides that,nothing crazy kool,vivacious,grand or achievement of enviable standards.
But the only reason I like my past(which I think surpasses every reason I shouldn’t ) is by the time I “arrive” I would have proven like Abraham Lincoln that one’s ugly and feeble past has little or no hold on one’s success.My story will again establish the golden words “champions are made not born.”I would have proven to myself that man can reinvent himself.The simple command written on the temple of Apollo in Delphi ,Greece-“Know thyself” has been my watchword.for the past 3years I have engaged in transformation and a journey of self discovery which has been fun,fulfilling,insightful and adventurous.I would like to water your appetite and quicken your curiosity by not telling you what I have reinvented myself into but has you continually read my blogs an image of the new me would permeate your beautiful minds.Once again ladies and gentlemen you are welcome to my world,hope you enjoyed your read.