Thursday, February 26, 2009


Seriously I don't know what is wrong with me.I'm supposed to upload the concluding part of the story but I'm not just in the mood.I pick up a pen but my fingers refused to write.I got the rest of the story in my head but my heart has refused to will.I just feel I owe it to you guys to upload,thats why I'm here.My life has been a blast recently,I'm loving life and all but there just seem to be this underlying tone of unsatisfaction.What next?What do I do with my life?Right now I'm loving writing and yeah I still need a job o(writing job)but in 9ja you can't rely on only writing to survive.I'm so talented and interested in so many things I'm confused about what to focus my future on...By the way,is there anybody in canada here,I need help,google can't seem to solve it!

Monday, February 2, 2009


I am very sorry its taken me a long while to upload but I just believe you guys know I don’t want it that way,its just stuffs that her militating against me jare.Here’s the continuation.I even uploaded this in a hurry,not as good as I scripted it.
The door of the sitting room opens slowly.Victoria’s hourglass frame staggers in slowly as if her legs could not support her frame much longer.She pauses after the threshold,looks around the exquisitely furnished sitting room pregnant with Italian marble floors,Sony home theatre system,Gorgio Armani furnitures,Chinesechandeliers,a Yamaha grand organ,an original michaelangelo painting and artifacts made exquisite by history and rarity.Beautiful Beethoven symphonies aired through the Sony doulby surround speakers but there was no prince to make her dance like Cinderella at the ball.The Gorgio Armani sofas weren’t cossy anymore.For a while she has not had sex on them while being caressed and kissed allover.The Armani seats looked no different from locally made baba silifah chairs.Michaelangelo’s masterpiece looked like a bunch of naked vagabonds with wings.Vanity upon vanity!”Money can’tbuy happiness” Victoria said to herself or maybe her distant husband who couldn’t hear her.I’m not sure of which.
Victoria was pulled out of her thoughts by screams emanating from two amiable mites scampering towards her.”Mommy,mommy,oyoyo”.Their beaming chocolate round faces had to large eyes,puffy cheeks and a set of teeth with the incisors missing.Victoria feigns a smile and with her left hand brushes them aside as if to clear her path.They reach out for her skirt in an attempt to hug her but she fumbles through and crashes in the nearest sofa with a loud sigh.She doesn’t have their time today,she is troubled.Demola rushes intothe living room,cites Victoria,exhausted,staring upwards,drowning in thoughts oblivious of the chattering adorable mites around her.He packs them to their room,lays them on the bed,covers them with the sheet,puts a pair of scissors on the bed just above their heads and commands them to sleep.They slept!It’s like magic.When they see the scissors the always sleep if not,ojuju calabar will come from nowhere,pick up the scissors and chop off their “kokoro”(Yoruba slang for penis).Kids,so na├»ve.Demola strolls back to the sitting room,stares gravely at Victoria and sits close to her left with his right arm stretching out on the heard rest of the sofa.He said nothing but gave Victoria a piercing gaze so sharp that his eyes spoke.Yes,I am sure,his eyes spoke.They said something like “Poor thing.Sorry,I am so sorry:.Victoria was so stabbed by the gaze she erupted.”Why? Why me?Does segun want to kill me?I am not asking for too much,am I?Just a little more of my husband,MY HUSBAND’S time!”Her body rocked as she erupted,ejecting the hot larva she has bottled up.Her desperation vented through the perspiration that broke out her forehead,tears that brimmed her eyes and violent gesticulations.She soliloquized on and on but Demola said nothing.His silence was comforting.It was that kind of silence that spoke.”I am here with you.Don’t worry,it will be alright”.Finally someone was listening to her.She was as exhausted as a baby that cried itself to sleep.Demola still said nothing and remained still.He maintained his fixed gaze on Victoria’s tender face which was now resting on his right shoulder.For 33minutes he remained still and watched the somnolent Victoria as she drifted in and out of sleep but with every passing minute,Victoria’s heavy breasts(which were his Achilles heel) pressed harder on his right chest stirring lust within him.He grew hard,his heart beat faster and his body temperature increased.Should he or should he not?But his penis was doing the thinking now.He slide his hand underneath Victoria’s shirt.At that moment she gained consciousness and looked puzzled at what was happening but she didn’t really have the willpower to refuse him.She also wanted this…..
“omo you don make me fall in love” A timely call comes in and interrupts the adultery but by now Demola’s fingers were in her pants.She just moaned.Fortunately,taiye wakes and staggers into the snogging room.Victoria froze!Eyes wide opened and Demola retreated fast.Taiye walks up to Victoria and says “Mommy whats wrong with your leg?Why is uncle Demola scratching it fast fast?”She couldn’t gather the courage to answer.She receded in to her room and wept bitterly.Demola,disappointed and ashamed walks out of the house.All night Victoria cried to God to forgive her and prayed that he would help her.In the morning,she decides to leave for Abuja with the kids unannounced to her husband.The distance issue had to be settled urgently before something worse happens.She was dejected and sad.With a scattered hair,no make up and no perfume on she scurried her 2boys into her 2008 Toyota camry ready to leave to go book for the flight.Little did she know that was the last time she would drive the car...
Ehnehn people,I need a job oooo.A writing job preferably.It's time to be me-wellsbaba lol