Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Has anyone been to Yaba market recently?It’s notoriety for filth,cacophony of obnoxious noise(especially in the blazing afternoons),choking traffic,fraustrating beggars,crime and criminals is beginning to fade.Whether these positive changes are happenning because of the sabotaged,sorry,(story for another day) bulldozing and rebuilding of the commercial nub of Yaba-the “shopping mall”; which has rendered many jobless and drastically reduced the economic activities there hence ebbed the wave of people into Yaba,I’m not certain but what I know is that I like the new face of the central market and my lovely governor has a hand in it.Yaba is neat and decorus with a freer flow of traffic plus the roundabout has been decorated and there is a sculptured red iconic cap of the previous governor of Lagos state-Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on the circular dais of the roundabout.If you reside in Lagos then you should know Tinubu always wears the yoruba attire called buba and sokoto and crowns it with a cap which is like a longer fez with woven designs in varying colours but in a pattern that is now unmistakable his signature.Whether you agree or not,he has deftly branded that cap to many Nigerians as his image.It is iconic.It represents him.I have no problem with this and I like him because I think he is a politican in the real sense of the word but what baffles me is that of all monuments,why is it his cap at the Yaba roundabout?
Physically,the cap does beautify the buzzing area but psychologically and politically I think it insults the people of Lagos.I consulted knowledge and history and they told me that monuments and statues are built for a man as a symbol of his greatness.Ceasar’s statue,Mandela’s statue in Jo’bourg,Awolowo’s statue in Ondo,Sango’s statue used by NEPA et al are tad examples of a man’s greatness and influence publicly proclaimed by a grand image.I don’t intend Asiwaju is not a great man but a well deserved and appreciated monument is unanimously called for by the general public to honour a man that has stood for general good of mankind and has positively and significantly influenced peoples lives.Take a cue from the late M.K.O Abiola.Nigerians at home and in the diaspora have demanded that he should be immortalised.June12 has continued to be observed as a political ritual to true democrazy and Abiola’s memory despite the government’s warning.The Teslim Balogun stadium in Surulere was also asked to be named after him.Well I don’t know if u called for a statue in honour of Asiwaju but I didn’t ,my neighbour mama Suliat didn’t and I know at least 12million of the Lagos populace didn’t.So who put the statue there and why?As far as I am concerned Sir Otedola is the best and most honourable governor of Lagos state so far.His tenure produced a huge chunk of the medium housing estates in Lagos plus without EFCC on his neck he left office with no Lagos state funds in his possession.Everybody knows his dignity has earned him a name amongst the Lagos politicians.A statue in his honour on the circular dais on Yaba roundabout would be accepted by me.
Writers write as an authority and expect readers to learn a thing or two from their piece but I am writing this not as an authority but as an inquirer,a student in search of answers.I am puzzled. “Why is that cap there?”Someone please tell me!You might be wondering why I’m fretting over a non-living thing but the truth is that the cap does talk.It is saying Tinubu is not in gubernatorial office but he governs Lagos state.The cap arrogantly proclaims the gripping might of Tinubu on Lagos state.It publicly proclaims him a political godfather.Nomatter the number of Obamas that campaign in the next Lagos state gubernatorial elections we all know the elected governor will be an AC candidate.AC is doing fine o but we have not yet attained true democarazy.Our government is not yet by,for and of the people…..I ask again “Who put the cap there and why?”

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Here is a poem I wrote for you guys,hope you love it!

She is a few inches lengthier than my palm.
Like a lioness on a prowl
She lies on the floor
With a 6inch heel that pushes her butt up.
She wears a black crocodile leather skinned suit
Within she is laced with red suede underwear.

Looking down at her
I see her curves
Like the figure eight.
She wears a J shaped penchant
It’s the crest for Jimmy Choo.
She robs a bleaching cream called Kiwi
That makes her shine like a black lambo in a showroom.

Tempted to touch
I caress her
Skin on skin
The succulent waist
The thick hips
The firm buttocks….
They all smell,smell
Chocolate.yes chocolate.