Saturday, August 30, 2008


OMG!!! I found her! It's a lie I found her,she's on facebook! "It's a true" This is an emergency post,never intended updating now but I'm chatting right now with my long lost 1st love on facebook!Mark Zukerberg ose o(thankyou) wa jeun omo that I'm still in love o(God4bid!after 13years)but I've alwais wondered what became of her but to say the truth I'm feeling funny,something is stiring within......
It all started yesterday when my best friend lala told me he found dupe on facebook.This guy is in love and he wants me to be in love too(Lala,naw by force!) This guy sings D'banj's "u don make me fall in love" err minute like he's lovelife depends on it!He torments me,"you know that may be her" he alwais tells me.He teases me with anything in skirt,including "shigidi" sef....So yesterday he inquired if I wanted to know her number and stuff so I could contact her,I bluntly declined(when you know lala you know he is not that nice,he definitely just wanted me to beg for her contact cos we had tried searching for her on facebook but didnt succeed so he knew I couldnt find her but I had a better idea) I pretended not to care bout her (but ofcos I was curious bout her whereabouts) Lala left with this sinister smile on his face.Stealtily,I went to his friend list on facebook saw her pic and added her!
Today,I come online and here we both are chatting!Here are the excerpts so far....

I've been trying to remember you. I'm getting confused

im here

maybe if you tell me tell me the names of ur siblings I will be sure about exactly who you are..
(shes couldnt recognise me I was looking different)

yeah who am I chatin wit by d way,is it tope or dupe



na lie

u see my face n u cant remember

bera recollect!

im d 1st born

I'm sure u have changed..u can my pic too but u didn't know if it was tope or dupe

so u really wudnt remember my siblings

is dis ur pic im seein?

the seun was close with was about my age annd all his sibling's name started with an "s"

am i right?




u r......

i am....what?

u are right


absolutely correct

seun is this really you?


wow u have grown


if recollected correctly I had a crush on u
(my head was swelling madly

we both did

wow i never thought we would ever talk again

really,I alwais knew we wud meet....

dis world is small

true dat

ows u now?

wat do u do?

wat nxt

how are ur sibling? it Shade? and Seyi? or Seye? I hope I'm right?

I'm fine

UR MEMORY aint bad




n segun

right! ...i try oo


wow a lot is going through my mind right now


u wud wana remember alot of stuff

emotions wud b high.....u need2see me wenever I met my old KC mates...WE GO
wen I met nnamdi(u remember him?) we hugged so tight this white dude thought we were gay

i have alot of questions



im all urs

wat r u doing now?.. i mean how is life

while i hav a job waitin4me

dat's great

maybe we can meet up when u come to canada



ehn ehn I think that's all for now folks,lemme return to my chat and there's this funny trend with the names of the girls I've really loved,check this out.......dupe,tope,jumoke,joke,ope and finally tope(yeah,I dated2topes) so something tells me my wife would probably have one of these names or something familiar.If we have ever "dated" and your name doesn't sound like these then I'm sorry it was a fling.Fiona,don't be crossed with me atleast you had a boyfriend when u were with me,olatero olagbegi,ehn! ehn! you can't even say jack cos I know you were creeping remember that night at the club!Ima....ahn ahn,am I chari?Why I dey give blogville chronicles of my girls,abeg bye bye jare all you amebo mongers,Jesus don even collect all this nonsense for my hand sef,PRAISE GOD!!!

PS:"fall in love" by D'banj,i'm so feeling that song.Lastweek mom was so sick she was talking bout death!Help me thank baba GOD for her recovery o,the devil is a liar!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Heard alot bout "The dark Knight" but I tried to ignore it and not see the movie but the hype was too much when it became 2nd best movie of all time after it dropped starwars so last week I decided to go see it at the cinemas.....I cant find words to contain the movie that all I'm gonna say!Joker was sicker than sick,more paranoid than paranoid.The word irrational cannot contain his irrationality!He was just a loose cannon!....Well,I n my friends left the galleria at bout 10pm n at the National Stadium in Surulere there was a checkpoint.An officer stopped us checked us out,we were all coming from the office,branched at the cinemas so were dressed in suits and looked loaded with cash plus unfortunately the guy driving had no drivers license(we didnt know!) Before we could say "jesus is lord" this guy was already begging the officer and this really pissed me off!Fisrt rule with nigerian police,never beg!It gives them a sorta pshycological edge plus when u know you are wrong dont shout at them but dont beg,just remain calm but if you are right and got all the necessary papers you can blow the lid off!
There was an all night show which I wanted to attend at Planet 1 the week they started operations and I left LUTH at about midnight in a cab for the place.When I got to ojuelegba a danfo bus filled with policemen double crossed my cab and searched us and found nothing.They checked my wallet and found 18grand(they couldn't et me go with all that money,they had to find something to nail me) Finally they said I had 2 IDs and thats illegal I'm only meant to carry an ID around so they gave me my wallet back and rushed me into their bus filled with other guys they had arrested.Me calm as ever I no send I just took 10grand out of my wallet and put it in my stockins left 8grand in my wallet.When we got to the station,Area C at ojuelegba they started interrogting all of us each man had to settle to be bailed.One dude was caught with a bag of weed,he bailed himself with 10grand.They also picked up one christian dude who started speaking in tongues "ramon sa te kore mah!koko mama chari chari o princesa escobah!"and disturbing the whole area with noise at wee hours of the night the officers just dey laugh sey "better bring money or you are not going any where"
Finally my turn reach,their DPO asked where i was going and I told them i was on my way to ma friends crib at Ikeja.I'm a UNILAG student and i've a test2moro so had to do some reading at my friend's.The guy said "all this unilag students,u sef u look like a yahoo boy,berra settle" I said oga na 8 thasand dey here and I no dey drop sheshi...Dem talk sey I go call my mama or else i go sleep cell,I said I cant call ma mom,the poor woman is a widow I cant disturb her with my qualms....officer dont think I cant sleep in the cell oo cos me I know my right! kain right I get,does human right exist in 9ja?) The whole gist long but finally the DPO tire sey I stubbon den he said the right thing "ok,give us something for the boys" then I said ehn ehn now you are talking so I said I can only spare 1grand...He agreed and they split it amongst themselves.I left there past midnight but I boned the parol at planet 1 and returned to LUTH....
HEY! does anyone remember cuteboss?shes back in 9ja,she arrived yestenight and she called me first thing this morning and I can tell from her voice theres still a lil of me in her and i must admit from the way I answered i still like her I just dont think it will work!Remember Psquare... "no start wetin u no go finish cos u no be george finidi"

Monday, August 4, 2008


As I post right now,3 girls are beating up a friend of mine in his crib!I just couldn't help but laugh cos I've been warning this guy but he is really feeling like a player.Imagine 3girls coming to your crib in an interval of 30mins I couldn't help but see the end of the whole drama!Me wey I dey laugh person me sef I get my own oo...One o my female friends don make mouth to her friend about me now she agrees to meet me today but I dey run cos man no get bar.I've been lying that I've been busy all day.Kai!I just dey ves right now ... oo ooo...Mcheeew....I dey ves jor...Mcheew...Money is power oo...Kai and you guys know I'm searching for Ms.Right oo n this could be her oo...Mcheew help me out naw...My broda 9jaleta send me some mama charlie Nikkisab end of month just reach now help me out with some of your salary!PRINCESA you be princess help me out with some royalty..hahaha.....
Anywais,people I dream one kain impossible dream like that ooo.1st thing I remember is I was listenning to Dare Art Alade's song feat.Eldee "youngman" outside my crib next thing one Ifesinachi bus(Interstate transit bus) parked in my crib and to my utter surprise Black eyed peas stepped out!You need to have seen will-i-am,LV hat,conventional dreadlocks,polariod shades,wool jacket,leather pants plus valentino shoes but why on earth was he carrying a ghana must go bag?!!!I'm not fabricating this oo infact fergie carried a black bagco supersack!I was dead stunned!Flabbergasted,I couldn't move.They walked into my room as if its an hotel room they had booked but I intercepted fergie cos I was thinking in my mind "will you sleep in the same room with 3MEN?" Actually I wanted her to come with me to the room I was gonna sleep she gave me this contagiuos smile so I let her in,err1 settled and william sank into my chair so I asked what they would like.Can you believe william asked for purewater and groundnuts!!!This dream was crazy,sha I served eer1 water n gnuts,will was really muching the Gnuts(4my mind I dey think this willie willie of a boy na worri boy o,worri boy no dey carry last oo) then a thought came that I should sing to impress will and probably he would sign sang "big girls don't cry" If you hear the way my voice take 4kup ehn the thing be like Golem for Lord of the rings trying to sing!So I tried 'bushmeat" by soundsultan feat.2face n w4,instead of the guy listenning to my "performance" I shock as the guy sef dey sing the song,i just ves comot from hin front.My kid bro steps into the room(Yoruba boy with Igbo sense) he is surprised to find BEP in ma room he quickly goes to grab his camara,came back to take a shot of will eating Gnuts n drinking purewater....Then he announced he will go to sell the pictures to paparazzis(atleast then he would be able to buy a you see the way will chase this guy,my kid bro ran out of d room and locked us inside,will banged the door "bang!bang!bang!" but alas I woke up and it was my lil bro banging on my
I woke up and I was wondering who I saw last that made me have this sort of dream but it was my kid bro who I often see last!I dey wonder ooo.....JEEES!....FUCKUYOR!....Na Iya Basira meat I chop as dinner 5mins b4 sleeping...Mcheeew...Iya basira he don jazz me ooo