Saturday, March 29, 2008


Yes Jesus is alive!HE died on easter Friday and resurrected on easter Sunday.KANYE WEST said “we could rap about anything except Jesus,that means guns,sex,lies,video tapes but if I talk bout God my record won’t get played!”.He was trying to say we give attention to anything except God and Jesus so I need your attention on this post.

Some peeps say there is no life after death,I want you to know man is a tripartite being—man is actually a spirit(not this body we carry around) with a soul(our mind) contained in a body(our passport to operate on earth).When our heart stops pumping blood and our body dies(our passport here on earth expires) therefore the real us(our spirit) leaves earth and has to live somewhere—that’s where life after death comes in!

So even after the physical death we still continue to live!Whether it’ll be in heaven or hell would be judged by our actions and lifestyle on earth.The heart of this post is to make us conscious of the fact we are REALLY spirits!When we realise this the next question is “do I takecare of the real me?”We wake up,have our bath(clean our body),eat(feed our body)wear clothes(cover our body)go to work to earn money(to sustain our body)have sex(give pleasures to our body)e.t.c….

Everything we do with our time here on earth is to sustain our body which is not the real us while neglecting our spirit(the real us)We are investing most in the wrong thing!The bible says “man shall not live by bread alone but by everyword that proceeds out of the mouth of God(the word of God)” This means it’s ONLY the word of God that can make our spirit live,without him our spirit is dead! And we would wind up in hell!How often do u read your bible everyday?How well do u obey God?Do you flee fornication and wordliness?Jesus is the word of God and its only through him we can live.How well do you know Jesus?……..CAN U BOAST JESUS KNOWS YOU AS A FRIEND?Don't ignore these questions,you maybe joking with hell!Jesus wants to hear from you,just talk to him…..EVERYDAY!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


You wouldnt believe what happened to me.....ok,feb9 was my x's birthday,feb10 was my girlfriend's birthday,feb14 was vals and as if that wasnt enoughfeb25 was my baby's birthday(his name is tommy,he is my fav lil cousin)I bought'em all gifts.My account was the beast of burden,rightnow its on red alert!I'm so i dey now I dey humble,I just dey go jejely.I met a girl lastweek monday,we chatted,exchanged numbers n as we were bout2depart she said "ah seun,my birthday is on saturday" I interrupted "funny enough,my birthday is a day b4 yours what are you getting me?".......mchweeee.....nonsense,Amadioha fire you!God punish you!.....u don see maga abi?
I'm so broke i havent paid for my monthly internet subscription,i had to browse yesterday at a cyber cafe on my way home from school.I had a thousand naira left on me,I bought a ticket for an hour for 150naira and I collected my balance of 850naira or so I thought!As I strolled home after browsing I branched a road side kiosk to purchase a 750naira recharge card.I collected the card,loaded the credit on my phone,dipped my hand in my back pocket to pay but it was empty so I checked my wallet,alas! there was no money!(this is the part in 9ja movies where they play a soundtrack.....gen gen!.....)
I said to myself "seun,you have torn your shirt"(its a slang of mine meaning seun you have fucked up!) The woman saw my countenance and knew I had no money,she just quietly stood up,bentdown,picked up a stick on the road,sat down and began to caress the stick!(its was a sinister move that told me "I'll break your head if you tell me any story".......KAI! I suffered,I really dont know how to finish the story but I believe you have an idea............