Thursday, May 22, 2008


I'm so heartbroken.How could we have lost?It's so unfair those ManUtd dudes were tooooo lucky.Yeah,I agree they reared their ugly heads in the 1st half but 2nd half,extra time and the penalties were chelsea's all the way!We hit the woodwork twice,shot targets were 8(manutd) to 20(chelsea),Drogba got redcarded in the 2nd half of the extra time and it was a psychological blow to us plus it was a potential converted penalty loss!Ok,finally my Peter cech(best goalkeeper on earth) saved the penalty kick from ronaldo then it was captain Terry's turn to give us the glory then he slipped!HE FUCKEN SLIPPED!It rained and so the field was wet and he slipped,played the ball right far wide(though he sent Van der sar diving to the wrong side)
Gush!It's so unfair!My captain Terry wept like a baby.He had giving tear and blood for the match,he defended with every fibre of his muscle,attacked with his head,marked out rooney and even denied Manutd a goal with his conventional goal line clearance but with his head this time around instead of his leg!I don't know why it always happens in football,a player plays best in a match and when he gets to the penalties he messes up.Roberto Baggio,the king of the Italian squad lost his penalty against Brazil in the finals of USA94,Bechkam,england's golden boy lost his penalty against portugal in EURO2004,the examples are endless.
Then Anelka came and played the ball into the hands of Van der sar.I'm so disappointed at him,he has been benched all the while and finally he is given a chance and he couldn't justify the 16million pounds spent to buy him.......Well,in the spirit of sportsmanship and in the heart of the game I applaud Vidic he was the wall of troy the did not allow Drogba score.The match was so intense it could spark a fire and I think it was a good exercise for my body cos my heart beat and pumped blood at a rate like never before.The loss made me bow my head in heartfelt grief,I felt my eyes getting wet and my body shrunk,at that trying moment I felt Terry was my blood brother as we wept together and it made me love him more,it made me love chelsea more and now I'm even a madder,crazier and vehement fanatic of chelsea.BLUES FOR LIFE!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Been very busy reading and writing exams but I decided to cool off by coming online then i discovered I've been tagged by uzezi so I guess I gotta list some of my quirks......

1)I dont know how to explain this but I like to look "roughly fresh".Lemme explain,I iron a piece of TM lewin shirt n its looking office sharp THEN i squeeze it a little so its kinda rough or I comb my hair look in the mirror n I look too "serious" then I scatter my hair....I dont know,maybe I just like to look casual....i prefer a pair of slippers to a pair of shoes

2)I'm toooooo optimistic!Thats self explanatory!No matter how bad a situation may be I'm a steven siegel that believes I'll come out of a fight without a scratch! I've been through alot!Had a "mid life crisis" at the age of 20 but now I'm out of it!Nothing do me.......

3)I love and am riveted by creativity.I'm an artiste(not by profession but in nature) and I love people,systems and organisations that do things in a way they have never been done before.From lagos beggers that beg with new lines and techniques to dbanj n nice's creative styles to scientific breakthroughs I love'em all

4)People have eating disorders but I have eating orders!I cannot eat without drinking first then I take another sip half way and then the final gulp at the end of the meal!If you serve me french,italian or chinese delicacies with all its seafoods,creams,salads,fries,pasta n tomato sauce e.t.c WHATEVER IT IS,no matter how tempting it may be to eat I'll wait till u give me water or something to drink!

5)I just dont like creepy things.A meterial that looks jelly like,animals that creep e.t.c snakes,rats....they freak me out though I ain't scared of them if I have to kill them

6)Last but not the least I'm afraid of height!

Blogsville,I've been outta touch for a while cos I'm having exams and I'm so damn busy now I tag exschoolnerd nikkisab princesa so u guys u gotta post your 6quirks......holla!