Thursday, April 1, 2010


I wrote this a long time ago but hopefully you still like it(whoever you are that still loves me so much to still read my blog after such disappearance )
ok we cannot but agree Jos has been etched on the nigerian entertainment map!Kevin a j boy just achieved a feat yoruba(Bayo) Igbo(ifunneka) et al couldn't do.Nigeria so deserved it the last time but we thank God now 'Jos'tice has been served.There seems to be something about that place.Psquare was exported to Lagos but we took no notice.M.I came and then we began to notice.Sage who is from Minna spent a good chunk of years in Jos.So did Toni Kan,Helon Habila e.t.c(who are award winning writers).A friend of mine who did not follow the first amstel malta street dance competition told me he didnt care what dance teams were in the competition,they couldnt match a group(soul quest) he knew.Alas,soul quest was in the competition and they won and guess what?They are from Jos!
Jos is the new cool.'Jos' now sounds and feels like Lagos.Do you know how many southwest vagabonds are claiming Lagos?Its cool to claim Jos nativity now.'Hi my name is Chibuzor,I'm from Jos!' 'Really?Nice to meet you.My name is Laide I'm also from Jos!'.Anything 'jos' now is cool.Jostina,Joshua,Jostice,Jostin e.t.c. On the night of Kevin's victory,one of our dearest female rappers said on twitter there must be something about Jos.She said she was looking for a Jos boyfriend!Gbam!It was so crazy everyone was tweeting ang googling Jos boy and girlfriends.And that's so good for my ego cos I'm already dating a Jos chic who coincidentally won the award for the most entertaining filmmaker in a movie production institution.Maybe the god of entertainment is in that plateau rock.Maybe Michael Jackson's ancestors where from Jos.Who knows?
Have you been trying to get Ekaette and it's not working?Just tell her you are from Jos and the magic the name 'Kings College' used to have on chics would be evoked! So go out there and add 'Jos' to your data... Have you been denied visa to somalia?Just change your name from 'jeffery' to 'josferry' you would be surprised what the name Jos can do.Even the name 'Jesus' has the sound of 'Jos' buried somewhere in it!