Monday, December 15, 2008


This is the 2nd part of the story I started prior2my disappearance but b4 u read this story I want u2FIRST predict the end of the story(if ur yet2read the story,go2d post titled kamikaze(adj) b4 u read this post)I noticed a psychological trend in the comments(which I will reveal later) That is why I want u2predict first so u dnt change ur mind after reading this post.The first part is stained with loads of grammatical errors and wrong spellings cos I rushed the story n also did no editing.
Segun delayed his sleep for almost an hour so he cud be awake at 12am on the 9th of march 2008 to wish the love of his life a happy birthday and shock her with a surprise.Anxiously,he looks at his wristwatch for the umpteenth time but it said 11:58pm.He let out a loud sigh in exasperation...His eyes were drowsy.His muscles lazy.His kingsize bed exerted gravitational pull and seemed2call his name.It was somnambulistic.The 58mins had been grueling.The 2mins felt like forever."what the heck!"Segun snaped.He reseted his watch a minute and30seconds earlier.Satisfactorily,he stared at his Tag which then said 12am."Omo udon make me fall in love.U don make me fall in love" Victoria's phone rang but she was too buried in deep sleep by the weight of responsibilities and exhaustion."Omo udon make me fall in love" Victoria's phone rang again but the ringtone played in her dream a sweet music instead of waking her up.She smiled,turned her back2d phone,pedaled and slide a hand forward in a manner that seemed as if she clutched down,change gears and step on the gas,accelerating deeper in2sleep land.Segun was fraustrated.He felt like smashing his blackberry.He'd waited a grueling 60mins all for this?His bed held him.He couldn't resist anymore.He sets his alarm for3am.He had2b d first2call her.... "THIS IS SPARTA!!!" The alarm barked at Segun.Sluggishly,he gained consciousness.Slothfully,he called his wife.Drowsily,Victoria picked.Ecstatically,Segun spoke.Quickly,Victoria leaped2life shocked by whose online."Happy birthday dearie" Victoria smiled.She was touched.She loved this part of him.He was romantic its just that he is turn between work and home."How are u my queen?" "I'm fine,the kids are better" "Dmt talk bout the kids.2day is all4u" Segun interrupted."Awwh dats so sweet.I miss u" "Guess what?" Segun jumped in."Emm... ur coming home?" Victoria said sarcastically."How did u know?Yes I am"
“NO!U kid me right?” She said in excitement. “Seriously.I’m bringing myself as birthday gift.I’m coming with the afternoon flight” “AHHH!OH MY GUSH(3ce)” She shouted ecstatically.Her birthday couldn’t be any happier.She missed him.”Come pick me up at the airport at 3pm” “WOW!I’ll.Thats another 2hour drive but its worth it” “Awwh,I miss you dear.I miss you.I miss combing your hair with my fingers.I miss licking your earlobes.” They whispered beautiful nothings for the next hour.
Demola stepped in the house.It looked different-red and lovely.He could see joy-written in the air.It was like xmas.U need not be told its xmas with all the lightened trees,atmosphere and faces.”What is happening this Saturday morning” Hem mused.Victoria slid down the stairs and around the sitting room like a ballet.She winked at Demola to greet him.Her face was exceptionally bright.She still had her red night gown on and she sang “lady in red” to herself.Demola was puzzled but those intimidating breasts of Victoria’s jumped at him via the slightly transparent night gown.He’d lusted after them so so many times.He imagined his big ben between those twin towers.”Blood of Jesus!” He uttered snapping out of sin.We all have this “mojos” played in our minds at one time or the other.I think it’s a good thing we can’t see people’s thoughts.Gush,its so filthy and wicked!A sister sees a brother’s fallos protruding his trouser and her mind leaps to conjure all her mouth and hands can do with it.A dude sees a chair and he is transported via a time portal to what he did on the chair when sarah sat on his nail.But I think that’s the major difference between man and dogs.Dogs go on right ahead to fuck anything-including their mothers!Man,on the contrary has this resistor called common sense.It checks him.”Hey man,shes hot but shes ur friend’s aunt” “Hey girl,hes brad pitt but he is your sister’s”(for where?enough pple go still disobey this one o lol) Even the most pious men have these thoughts but I think its still within civility and morality when we contain these thoughts.
“Whats happening o?” Demola finally spoke.”Today is my birthday” “OH!My bad.I forgot” “And segun is leaving work to be with me today!” Victoria added gleefully.”Ehen.Nowonder” “I need to go change and go pick Segun.Heres some money please get lunch for the kids and yourself” At 1pm.Victoria called Segun who informed her he is on the way to the airport for his 1hour flight to Las gidi scheduled for 2pm.Excitement brimming in Victoria,she rushed to the airport.Its been an hour into her drive from Ajah to the airport.Now she is stuck in traffic on the 3rd mainland bridge.Shiana Twain’s “you are still the one” played on the radio.It was perfect.She reminisced.”Omo, udon make me fall in love” Victoria looks at the caller ID-True love.Its Segun.”Hello my love” She said gleefully like a kid handed a pack of candy.”Em…Hi” The voice on the other end of the line lacked the enthusiasm it carried at 3am that morning.”Whats the problem?” Victoria quizzed.”Em…There is a…em…problem at the office.Someone messed up and I must fix it if not the company would be in trouble with NCC.I can’t come to Lagos anymore.” Victoria was shattered.It was better he hadn’t made the promise.Tears dripped down her chics.She lost grip of herself.Her lips quivered.“Isn’t there any other way” Victoria asked helplessly.”You know if there is,I would” Segun sadly replied.Her phone dropped from her fidgeting fingers.The jeep decelerated till it came to a halt in the middle of the road.She buried her head in the steering wheel.The horn blasted away!”Hello!Hello!Are you there my love?” Segun cried.At that moment,Tracy Chapman’s “Sorry-sorry,is all that you can say….but you can say baby,baby can I hold you tonite” aired through the radio….

Monday, December 8, 2008


NO LONG TIN!Blogville,baba is back!kilonshele?I've been gone4 2long im
afraid I can't catch up but I'll just jump the queue and join the
molue@this bus stop.It wasnt my intention2just leave but reality grabbed me away
from the virtual.4those of you who didn't ask after me,weldone o.Incognaija
I'm stupyfied.I didnt know u still read ma blog plus u dropped by on
me.Rita,God has started o!Hes almost granted my request.I appreciate ur
concern.Where u@d experience?Temite.WOW!A new reader of ma blog yet u
checkup.Mumy solosydelle LOL.I said u should pay4ma ticket im back o
thanx4checking on me.Who else?Miss luv,LG and 9jadramaqueen I'm sooo glad.
I've been away cos I needed some time2maself2concerntrate and solve some
problems.Anywais,all dat while I met loads of bloggers(kai!u guys are wonderful
and interesting characters) I'm gonna do an expose on some of them.Let me
start with.....
FUNMI IYANDA:-Well,we all know her and possibly have met her but for
me@everytime I would've met her something went wrong.There was a day she was
in my church but alas I was at home!(i dnt miss church) One bright sunny
saturday,I went out2relax and there she was by my side.I was stupefied!It was
like XSN touching Kanye west lol.My idol was a hand span away!I love her and
what she stands for.Shes definitely not 9ja's obama but shes our Rosa Park.Shes
one comely vivacious agbaya who has refused to "grow up"and become boring lol.I
see her in her80's with googles and holes in her set
of teeth making a poor attempt@dancing alanta(new ghetto dance,AJ style) to
Inyanya's(MTN project fame) hit track lol I was flabbergasted when I
realised she instantly knew my blog,mayb shes an avid reader F@*%!mayb shes
reading this.....
RAYO:-Rayo,rayo,rayo.... yeah thats her name.She comes up here acting shes quiet
and all.Dont let her deceive you o!Shes Naughty with a capital N!Shes BLACK and
BUSTY!LOL btw,please,stop
tryin2matchmake XSN n I.I'm not lookin4wifey neither is XSN(ok,i think she
XSN:-shes crazy with every letter of the word.We all know her.Shes a
creature-insane plus kolo lol but really she looks sane.Her appearance is simple
and genteel.It's just that she uses so much accessories she looks like a
palm reader and she wears this wig that covers her eyes leaving her looking like
a yorkshire terrier lol I like this girl but I luv her mind.....Thats all for now
folks,feels great to be back!