Monday, September 28, 2009


I need a friend
I need a free end
An end I can be free
A close where I’m free
A cul-de-sac I can strip naked
Not a junction where the bus passes
A cocoon I can lick my wounds
A place to caper in the rain
A haven.My heaven.
In heaven I hear they hold hands and sing hallelujah!
This is hell where nobody really has a brother.
I know you heard Brutus betrayed Julius Ceasar
But you really need a sofa
To cushion your crash
To help you relax
Do you know how mother earth survives?
The clouds cry and pour out their burden till they are dehydrated
The ground shares their burden
Collects every single drop of their tears
And sends them vapour to end their thirst.
It’s the water cycle.
I am stagnant water
I long to flow into you freely
I long you pour into me easily
I long we are bound by this cycle
This cycle of concern
I long we are bound.
A bondage of freedom.
I want to be the place for you
I want to be there for you
I want a friend
I want a free end
You don’t have to have a red carpet and chandeliers
I would still cherish you bring my mat and lantern
And stay so you are not lonely.
Just don’t think like Mark Zuckerberg
He says I have a thousand friends
Don’t mind him.
It’s not me.
It’s just a page with my face.
You have to go beyond that phase
To be my friend.
Can you search my soul with google?
Can you know my status with twitter?
Saul seeks to kill David
David needs Jonathan
America is after Scofield
Sucre where are you?
Jacob is on a distressing journey
He needs a place to lay his head
How else would he see the angels if he doesn’t sleep?

adesubomi plumptre your book NO BULLSHIT inspired this poem.thankyou.


HYAW said...

seriously complicated poem here. you took your time. even with the twitter updates, that's a modern day friend.

Myne Whitman said...

Nice poem, said a lot of things but bottom line, you have to give to receive.

Rose said...

LOL @ Yarn me your church mind...

Nice poem.
I guess the key to receiving all that we want and desire and maybe more is to be open..

Really like the reference to google and twitter!..

RocNaija said...

"Can you search my soul with Google?"

Nice one..

Nice Anon said...

This actually reminded me of someone. Interesting poem you've got there.

Geebee said...

Hmmmm, another deep something from Don Wells himself. Friendship definitely counts a great deal and the best treasure is a true friend, who'll know you just like you know yourself and stick closer than a brother. lol @ the comparisms from Prisonbreak, Facebook and Twitter. Bro, you're the best! Nice piece. Glad you're a little more constant on blogsville now. lol

Anonymous said...

I love ur poem Mr Webberman. Tribe?TIV

Ms.O said...

Where are you?..come back!

My World said...

Lovely! lovely!! lovely!!!

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